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September 11, 2001

Can self psychology help us understand the experience of September 11, 2001?

Robert Stolorow suggested that Helen Davey, herself a former flight attendant, contribute her article written to reach out to those flight attendants who are suffering in silence and will not ask for help.

bulletThe Effects of the Trauma of September 11 by Helen Davey

Robert Stolorow offers his article on the phenomenology of trauma, originally published in Psychoanalytic Psychology, 1999, vol. 16, pp 464-468.

bulletThe Phenomenology of Trauma and the Absolutisms of Everyday Life: A Personal Journey by Robert Stolorow

Self Psychology Page Editor David Wolf uses Kohut's model of the self to understand the remarkable power of the experience on people's affects from Japan to San Jose.

bulletOf What are We? by David Wolf

Ernest Wolf's essay from May of 2001 offers a psychoanalytic model through which one can understand and address political polarization.  

bulletGroup Helplessness and Rage by Ernest Wolf

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