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Original Papers

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bulletTo celebrate the 24th annual conference we have a special paper presented with the simultaneous publication of this paper online and in Progress in Self Psychology. Frank Lachmann's 1999 Kohut Memorial Lecture is now available here, complete with audio clips.  We are proud to bring this magnificent paper to readers around the globe in the original format requested by the author, with all of the audio clips available on-demand within the context of the essay.

September 11, 2001

bulletCan self psychology help us understand the experience?  Four essays exploring trauma, the motivations of "terrorists", the effects of the tragedy on flight attendants and the global, affective impact of 9/11. [Two additional essays added February 2002.]

Discussion of Janice Gump's Social Reality as an Aspect of Subjectivity

bulletPublished here on his 80th birthday, February 23, 2001, Ernest Wolf delivered this discussion at the meeting to celebrate J.D. Lichtenberg’s 75th birthday October 21, 2000 in Washington, D.C.

Restoring the ‘Self’ and the ‘Harlot by the Side of the Road’: A Self-Psychological Analysis of the Story of Tamar

bulletGila Safran-Naveh's complete essay from her 1999 annual conference presentation

Poets to Come: Walt Whitman, Self Psychology & the Readers of the Future

bulletDonald Palladino's poetic essay on Whitman's selfobject needs

Mutually Mutative Moments in the Psychoanalytic Experience

bulletDelivered in Dreieich, Germany, 1999, by Ernest Wolf and printed here for the first time in honor of the 22nd Conference in Toronto

Was meint Heinz Kohut, wenn er vom „Selbst" spricht? (What Does Heinz Kohut Mean by the „Self"?)

bulletA philosophical essay by Rudolf Süsske, in German with English translation

My Current View of the Psychoanalytic Process

bulletComplete and expanded text of Paul Ornstein's presentation at 21st Annual Conference on the Psychology of the Self, San Diego, California, October 1998



Heinz Kohut: The Making of a Psychoanalyst

bulletRead the Preface to Charles Strozier's comprehensive biography of Heinz Kohut.

The Therapist's Emotional Survival: Dealing with the Pain of Exploring Trauma

bulletIntroduction to Stuart Perlman's clinical book.

The Chicago Institute Lectures

bulletRead the complete text of the Preface and Lecture 1: Perversions of Heinz Kohut's Chicago Institute Lectures, edited by Paul Tolpin and Marian Tolpin (courtesy of The Analytic Press).

Talking with Patients -- A Self Psychological View

bulletA Tale of Two Theories - Balancing clinical intuition with techniques based on self psychology is the subject of Sandy Shapiro's book. You can read chapter one, A Tale of Two Theories, here.


bulletSelf Psychology and Diagnostic Assessment:
Identifying Selfobject Functions through Psychological Testing
, by Marshall Silverstein.

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