Newsletter Vol. 2 December 1998


Responsible for Coordination : Hannelore and Ronald Bodansky
Wörthstr. 47, D 81667 Munich, Germany
Tel. 089 448 2903
Bank c/o Bodansky, EFPS, Hypovereinsbank Munich
Account Nr. 68 90 29 24 00 BLZ 700 200 01


Dear Colleagues,

The second issue of our newsletter is slightly later than we planned since we wanted to wait for the 1. EFPS -Congress to take place in Vienna. With approximately 100 participants it was a big success. We want to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Andrea Harms and Dr. Erwin Bartosch for their exceptional organization, which played a major role in providing a warm friendly atmosphere, a spirit of work, which was essential for the effectiveness of this meeting. In this meeting the participants also discussed organizational issues regarding the EFPS which we will summarize here:

1. Feedback after the 1. Newsletter:

We sent out 600 newsletters to German speaking countries and an Englsih translation for recipients in Finland, Italy, Israel, Holland and Norway.

We had approximately 140 people who wanted to subscribe to our newsletter.

105 from Germany, 9 from Israel, 10 from Austria, 1 from Italy and 9 from Switzerland.

2. Considerations involving the 2. EFPS - Congress in the year 2000:

The participants of the first Vienna Congress were disappointed that there was no interest i.e. no registered participant from a non German speaking country, although there was an offer to conduct the congress bilingually (German and English). We would like it if the contact to ther European groups can be intensified. For this reason, it was agreed upon to ask members in other countries if they would like to organize the next congress, for example in Norway where a Self- Psychology associoation already exists. Hans-Peter Hartmann offered to ask if there was a possibility of this event taking place, since he has connections to the Norwegian group.

The upcoming Congress in Rome (March 1999 see calendar) will hopefully help to further the connections between the European countries.

A request was spoken out that in the next congress there should be lectures and workshops held that show a connection between Self-Psychology theory and ist application to social work and education. In the meantime we are delighted to report that Eva Rass und Herr Prof. Dr. V. Kraft have informed us that they would prepare i.e. organize this field during the next congress. The working title is: „Self-Psychology Aspects in Theory and Pratice within an Educational Field of Action". (Contact Address: Eva Rass, Hochstadtsstr.36, 74722 Buchen, Germany, Tel 06281/ 3350 Fax : 06281/ 9575 )

During the 6. International Self-Psychology -Symposium, in Dreieich in Juni 1999 there will be an EFPS - Meeting (Thursday evening), in which further ideas and plans will be discussed.


3. Regional Coordinators of the EFPS :

They should make it easier for the coordination of events i.e. the invitations of American colleagues.

They are also the coordinators for helping people find or to organize a Self-Psychology group within their region.

The Coordinating Office often gets requests regarding where a therapist is who has a Self- Psychology theoretical background. In the future we will be able to delegate this function to our colleagues for their respective regions.

The following people have offered their help as regional coordinators:

Berlin : Martin Goßmann
Fürbringerstr. 18 , 10961 Berlin, Germany
Tel. 030 / 692 69 62

Frankfurt / Gießen : Hans-Peter Hartmann
Finkenweg 24, 35428 Langgöns, Germany
Tel. 06403 / 2828

Hamburg Michael Klöpper
Op´n Hainholt 64 b, 22589 Hamburg, Germany
Tel./ Fax 040 / 870 50 90 office. 040 / 87 38 69 private.

Hannover : Jutta Bilger-Umland
Gartenheimstr. 31, 30659 Hannover, Germany
Tel. 0511 / 65 12 48 Fax: 0511 / 65 12 49

Cologne: Frank Schemainda
Frankenstr. 77, 50858 Cologne, Germany
Tel. 0221 / 48 13 36

Konstanz: Minja Joneck
Rainwiesenweg 4, 78465 Konstanz, Germany
Tel. 07531 / 43560 Fax: 07531 / 43537

Passau: Eva-Maria Topel
Bavarian Forest Branntweinhäuser 35, 94089 Neureichenau, Germany
Tel. 08583 / 917191 Fax: 08583 / 2716

Tübingen / Stuttgart: Iris Hilke
Nauklerstr. 60, 72074 Tübingen, Germany
Tel. 07071 / 7 41 7 6 private. 07071 / 55 12 71 office

Vienna: Dr. Erwin Bartosch
Cottagegasse 53 A, 1190 Vienna, Austria
Tel. 310 65 78

Zurich: Dr. phil. Jeanette Bossi
Alderstr. 21, 8008 Zurich, Switzerland
Tel 01 / 383 67 67 Fax 01 / 383 01 85


4. Roster of names and addresses of EFPS - Members:

We plan to list the name and addresses of all EFPS - members in the next issue of our newsletter. Members are those people who have a subscription to our newspaper.

Colleagues who do not want their names to be published should let us know within one month after receiving this newsletter! Otherwise we will assume that they agree to the publishing of their names and address.

5. Publicity

Publicity of new ideas (Journal articles, books, reviews, etc. ) within the field of Self-Psychology or with a Selp-Psychology orientation by members of the EFPS will be gladly mentionned in future issues of our newsletter. Please send the necessary information to us (Author, Title, Publication, i.e. Journal Name etc.).


6. Coordination

The „Munich Forum for New Developments in Psychoanalysis." will continue to have the responsibility for the coordinating center of the EFPS resp. the publication of the Newsletter until the next symposium in Dreieich in June 1999 takes place.

Information and articles for the next Newsletter (Calendar etc.) should be sent in no later than the beginning of June 1999 or at the Dreieich - Symposium.

Ronald und Hannelore Bodansky

In our first newsletter we asked members of already existing selfpsychology organizations to give a short presentation of their groups for publication. We have received answers from 4 groups which are listed as follows:


The „Association Psychoanalytic Self - Psychology" (Bavarian Forest-Passau)

In the course of 1997 we became organized: a group of child and adult psychoanalysts.We

all have worked for many years as psychotherapists in individual private practices. We all were concerened with many difficult problems both in theory and practice in psychoanalysis and in psychotherapy.

After the new psychotherapy law was passed (new law in Germany regarding who can be called a psychotherapist and be paid by the insurance companies)in order to clear up evident problems there still remained many questions to be answered especially for people who need trustfull and competent therapists for themselves and to help answer personal life questions. The association was thus established to try to give a guarantee for quality therapeutical work. We will try to attempt through educational training, on different levels, to provide for members and people in related fields a possibility to increase their knowledge. And as an established „Association for Psychoanalytic Self .Psychology" we consider this important further developemt in psychoanalyis as our common basis of work.

We are an established non profit organization. Many people need longer therapy than the insurances are ready to pay. Our organization attempts to get moneatary contributuions from differents sources in order to insure that the patients can get the length of therapy that they need. Especially in work with children and adolescents we feel it is our duty to see that they have enough time to deal with the great variety of problems that they are confronted with. For example problems in school, career training, drug and alcohol abuse, and with adults who can sometime only provide minimal help and support. Especially with these children and adolescents it is important that they can develop peacefully so that a basis can be established for a hopeful life in health and happiness. And development is something that needs time.


Contact Address:

Eva-Maria Topel, M.A., Child Psychoanalyst (AKJP), Parent and Family Counseling
Branntweinhäuser 35, 94089 Neureichenau, Germany tel. 08583 -917191 Fax: 08583 - 2716

2.Director and Treasurer:
Dr. med. Laurentiu Dumitrescu, Medical Doctor psychotherapeutic Medicine, Psychotherapy, Psychoanalysis
Marktplatz 9, 94157 Perlesreut, Germany. Tel. 08555 - 1330 Fax: 08555 - 4296


Work Organization for Integrative Psychoanalysis, Psychotherapy & Psychosomatic

Hamburg e.V. - established non profit organization

( APH )

The APH is made up of psychotherapists and psychoanalysts from different psychoanalytic schools and with different backgrounds in job and career training. Since 1990 our members give courses for medical doctors and psychologists in depth psychology. The courses offered have been expanded to include a new training curriculum to correspond to the new therapist law in Germany. Along with the training program the APH provides courses in continual education. In 1995 the APH began to offer an ongoing course in Self-Psychology. Since this time 5 Workshops have been conducted, in which theoretical topics as well as case study discussions were carried out. Iris Hilke, Hans-Peter Hartmann, Sigbert Kratzsch und Wolfgang Milch have conducted these workshops. Since 1997 there are three established Self-Psychology groups who meet twice a year and who are supervised by Hans-Peter Hartmann, Sigbert Kratzsch und Wolfgang Milch. In 1998 the APH had a workshop with J.D.Lichtenberg as well as a public lecture by Dr. Lichtenberg entitled „Intimacy with the Self".

Infant research and Self-Psychology are in the meantime an essential part of the training and educational curriculum we provide for medical doctors and psychologists in in our depth psychological psychotherapy.

Contact Address:

1.Director: Michael Klöpper, medical doctor for psychotherapeutic medicine and psychoanalysis
Op´n Hainbolt 64 b , 22589 Hamburg Germany
Tel & Fax : 040 - 870 50 90


Vienna Circle for Psychoanalysis and Self-Psychology

The „Vienna Circle for Psychoanlyis and Self-Psychology" was founded in 1987 by Erwin Bartosch. It is the first Self -Psychology training institute in Europe.

Historical Background: In 1947 the „Vienna Working Circle for Depth Psychology" was established by Igor A.Caruso, whose „Personalistic Depth Psychology" offered an alternative to the classiscal theory. In the 50`s he coined the concept: „exchange mechanisms" instead of „mechanisms of defence". The „Personalization" was his central concept, which provided a critical viewpoint of the Freudian mechanististic position. With this background Erwin Bartosch could begin in the 70´s to try to understand the writings of Heinz Kohut and he attempted to bring Kohut´s ideas into the discussions in his Institute, in which he was a teaching analyst.. After Caruso´s death (1981) a counter movement began in his institute „Back to Freud", and he found it increasingly impossible to discuss the thoughts of Heinz Kohut.

Erwin Bartosch therefore decided to establish a new Institute, in which Self -Pschology and itst further development would find a place for itself.. In the beginning there were three colleagues who were prepared to take responsiblity for the decisions which had to be made. Soon there were candidates and new colleagues. The offical recognition as an „Analytic Training Institute" according to the Austrian Psychotherapy Law of 1991 occured in 1995.

The contact with A.Ornstein, P.H.Orntstein. E.S.Wolf und J.D.Lichtenberg in Dreieich, near Frankfurt, in 1993 provied for the newly created „Circle" important and valuable ideas and was the beginning of a scientific contact with the important representatives of Self-Psychology. Lotte Köhler, Anna und Paul Ornstein und Frank Lachmann have conducted workshops in the „Vienna Circle".

In January 1997 we held a conference in Vienna together with the „New York Institute for the Study of Subjectivity" (Frank Lachmann, Jim Fosshage). In May of the same year Donna M.Orange led a workshop for the „Vienna Circle". In June 1998 Robert D.Stolorow held a workshop. Internal scientific groups are held every 14 days.. Our main topic for the year 1997 /98 is: „Fantasy /Representation and Relationship / Interaction".

The Vienna Circle has at the present time 15 registered members and 17 training candidates. In the present time we are working on a „Dictionary of Psychotherapy", in which we are responsible for the topic of „Psychoanalysis and Self Psychology". Many of our colleagues from the United States have provided us with help in giving us written definitions and comments. In the establishment of the „European Federation Psychoanalytic Selfpsychology (EFPS)" the "Vienna Circle for Psychoanalysis and Self-Pschology" proived the organization of the 1. Annual Meeting which was held uin September 1998 in Vienna.

Contact Address: Erwin Bartosch, Cottagegasse 53 A, 1190 Vienna ,Austria.
Tel 310 65 78


Munich Forum for New Devlopments in Psychoanalysis

The Munich Forum was established as a non profit organizatioon in 1997. Originally we were a groups of Self-Psychologist who met regularly to discuss cases and articles. The goal of our organization is the intensive support of science and research in psychoanalyis, and we attempt to provide a critical forum to discuss new ideas. We organize scientific meetings, workshops and lectures, either alone or in cooperation with other institutes and organizations. For example we work often hand in hand with the René A. Spitz-Society in Munich. We have conducted meetings especially within the domain of Sef-Psychology, and developmental psychology (especially infant and child research) and in related fields of interest.

In January 1998 our assoiciation working together with the René A.Spitz Society held a workshop and lectue with J.D.Lichtenberg based on the topic of hatred. Each case study had to deal with this topic as its main theme. In June 1998 we invited Otto Kernberg und Paul Ornstein for a debate based on a case study presented by Dr. Gisela Leyting (Zurich) (also together with the Renè A. Spitz Society). The psychoanalytc treatment was compared from Kernberg´s viewpoint i.e. object relationship theory and Ornstein´s Self-Psychology viewpoint.

Well over three hundred colleagues attended this debate which was a great success in providing a forum for the discussion of Self-Psychology in Europe.

We also conducted in July 1998 two different lectures with Katherine Nelson and Inge Bretherton on attachment theory (with the René A. Spitz Society).

When the EFPS was established in Dreieich in the fall of 1997 our Forum took over the responsibilty of providing a coordinationg center for European Self-Psychology and to publish a newsletter for Europe. We have also established an E-mail address for Europe in cooperation with David Wolf. Although we have many applications for new members we will remain a small group for a while to provide a greater flexibility in organizing and decision making.

On our honorary board of directors are Dr. Paul Ornstein and Dr. Joseph Lichtenberg.

We are also very proud that Lotte Köhler who has played a major role in bringing Self-Psychology and Infant Research to the attention of Europeans is a member of our group.

Contact Address:

Ron Bodansky, Psychoanalyst
Wörthstr. 47, 81667 Munich, Germany Tel 089 / 448 29 03